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Your invited to the

Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE) Certification

December 13, 2022

Why Join the CDPE certification?

The class will be taught by CDPE Master Instructor Tony Martinez, who will discuss the certification can be a valuable asset in your career and help deal with the challenges of a distressed property. The 8-hour session will cover strategies for helping families in distress situations, such as loss of income, divorce, foreclosure, probate, medical emergency, job relocations, and many more.


The Certified Distressed Property Expert designation will help you stand out and deal with clients with distressed real estate and many other life events situations. The certification is one of the most recognized in the industry that can elevate your career and help you achieve your goals faster.


When you earn your CDPE designation, you become part of a highly selective group of individuals with the knowledge, expertise, and ability to manage distressed properties effectively. You’ll be empowered to work with property owners facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, or other financial distress situations. You can help them find solutions through distress properties sales. You’ll also be able to advise them on how to negotiate with lenders and sellers on their behalf.

What does the certification include?

The certification includes a course workbook, forms, and checklists. A certificate of completion will also be provided for the attendees to display proudly. Attendees will also get access to the one-year membership in the CDPE, including the right to use the CDPE initials & logo and access to the resources center. The price of the training is only $ 499.

BUT if you are interested to enroll and email or call me right NOW.

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